45downstairs, Melbourne - August 2008

Continuing my obsession with shadows, the shadow now becomes the mark.


Using high quality water-colour paper, I have carved, torn, burnt (but never plain cut) voids that fill with shadow; in some works they become pools of infinite depth (as in looking up into a clear blue sky, there is no resolution of depth of field).


Apart from two free-standing sculptures  Clouds #1 & Clouds #2  the works take two basic forms, rolls or sandwiches. The rolls evolved, due perhaps to the seriality of roll on top of roll on top of roll etc, into works that alluded to the taxonomic (charts, tables etc.) whereas the sandwiches embraced the geomorphic or geometric, save for one work, Sudden Obscurement of Landmark which like Clouds embraces the meteorological.


These, however, are retrospective observations. The titles of the works, excepting Sudden Obscurement of Landmark, which is a visual joke for those acquainted with the origins of French Impressionism, came after the completed works whispered their names to me. I work in silence.


All paper 'Arches' Watercolour paper of varying gsm. All Card Cansonboard. All Glue Acid Free. All Foamcore archival. All works partially demountable for curatorial purposes. 'Shadowtrap', 'Tears', 'Clouds #1' and 'Clouds #2' displayed without their acrylic covers.

© 2018 Nobby Seymour

Nobby is is an associate Artist at Langford 120, North Melbourne   •   E: langford120@gmail.com

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