A Nice Cake. Oil on Canvas. 102cm x 76cm. © Nobby Seymour 1996.

Cool and Crisp. Oil on Canvas. 76cm x 107cm. © Nobby Seymour 1996

Roast Lambscape. Oil on Canvas. 3 Panels - 150cm x 241cm. © Nobby Seymour 1997

Boiled and Peeled. Oil on Canvas. 63cm x 112cm. © Nobby Seymour 1998

Losing Zest. Oil on Canvas. 41cm x 41cm. © Nobby Seymour 1998

Pelucid Ingredients. Oil on Canvas. 82cm x 61cm. © Nobby Seymour 1998

Just Dessert. Oil on Canvas. © Nobby Seymour 1998

Hoadley's Bluff Great Australian Bite. Oil on Canvas. 61cm x 56cm. © Nobby Seymour 1996

Tossed Salad. Oil on Canvas. 41cm x 56cm. © Nobby Seymour 1996

Towering Confection. Oil on Canvas. 150cm x 95cm. © Nobby Seymour 1997

Missing Segments. Oil on Canvas. 41cm x 41cm. © Nobby Seymour 1998

Bust Crust. Oil on Canvas. 152cm x 76cm. © Nobby Seymour 1998

Carême des Crustacés. Oil on Canvas. 95cm x 100cm. © Nobby Seymour 1998

William Mora Galleries, Melbourne - July 1998

During my years as a mural painter I was restricted, for practical reasons, to using acrylic paint as a medium. It is fast drying and loses a degree of its brightness and texture in drying.
In this, my first solo exhibition, I celebrate the comparative lushness of oil paint. Before painting murals full time I had worked in the catering industry as a sous chef (having moved on from architecture). Eventually I became more involved in food presentation, designing banquets and enjoying some work as a food stylist with commercial photographers.
This exhibition commemorates that period of my life.


Accommodating Change
Accommodating Change


Wraps it up, pretty well
Wraps it up, pretty well

Accommodating Change
Accommodating Change